Events Photos

For business meetings, Hotel Phoenix features a conference room with a capacity of 25-30 people, which makes it possible to successfully organize:


     -training sessions


     -team building programs


     -press conference

     -presentations of products or services

     -job interviews

Technical equipment and services:


     -projection screen


     -Internet access

     -air conditioning


Alternative services are available depending on the specific event and organizers option.

Featuring a generous hall with 70 seats, opening to an inviting terrace, restaurant Phoenix is the perfect host for various corporate events. Whether it's for special occasions, corporate parties or simple meals in small frame, special menus, impeccable service and elegant decor create a unique atmosphere.

With a capacity of 70 seats, Restaurant Phoenix is the perfect host for those who want quality services in a particular décor, specially prepared for each event.

Since a wedding, a baptism, a birthday is an event of major importance in our lives, Phoenix restaurant team will provide perfect solutions, from decorating the hall, special menus and impeccable service, just because your evening and become one of your guests memorable.